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tv   [untitled]    March 16, 2013 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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challenge. ♪ >> it is an amazing spot. it is a state of the art center. >> is beautiful. quarkrights i would like to come here and join them >> good morning and welcome to the regular transbay joint powers authority board of directors meeting for thursday, march 14th, may i take roll call? >> sharon bright taking the roll, that sartipi has a scheduling conflict and will not be in attendance, with that
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director lloyd? >> here. >> lloyd present. >> metcalf? >> present >> director reiskin? >> present. >> ortiz? >> present. >> and kim? >> here. >> and you do have a quorum. >> there are any communications today from board members? any new or old business. >> i did want to know that the special meeting for march 25th in this hearing room. >> thank you. >> seeing none, let's move on to the executive director's report. >> good morning, directors and members of the public. i wanted to begin by dedicating our bimbo, rain heart and she passed away on march sixth. we knew her for 15 years and she was a friend and a constant
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supporter and a valuable asset to the state and she was a native to india and had 25 years of experience with the california department of transportation, and shewise a member of the review committee overseeing the bay bridge project and looking for ward to the ribbon cutting ceremony this year, she was one of the very few women in the directors in the industry and i know that she will be missed by all of us, i would like to express our condolences to the family and friends. on behave of the transbay. >> now, directors, i did want to say that as you know, we issued a bid for block nine, or working with the san francisco redevelopment agencies successor, anity and mike grisco, and the highest bid was by $42 billion and i asked mike to give a brief on that. >> mike grisco from the office
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of community and investment, that is the new name for the redevelopment agency. >> we issued a request for block nine, you can see on that map that is on the corner of fulson and first street. we will have under construction, block eleven, block six, and block nine, three projects. together, they will have over 1,000 units. including about 35 percent affordable between those three projects. each individual project has affordable. >> each has different amounts of affordable and i will talk about block nine >> we offered the rfp last year and got three proposals and the
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panel composed of agency staff and a member of the committee reviewed all of the proposals and the team composed of housing bridged the non-profitable housing development deron, as a team received the highest score based on the rfp and the citizen's advisory committee did endorse that recommendation at its meeting last month. a summary of the proposal, i will have image to show you, 43.32 million dollars, 95,000 dollars a unit that is a big improvement for block ix which was closer to 75,000. and an increase in a year and shows you how high prices are moving in this part of the country. so we are happy with that price, it is a big project, 570 units it is as was mandated by the rfp, a 20 percent
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affordable, 20 percent of them will be affordable housing at 50 percent of the median income and all rental apartments. and those will be family affordable units and a minimum of 3 bedrooms and the rest will be one and two that is for the affordable units the market rate units are like most, studios and ones and a few twos. there will be shared amenities for the affordable and in fact all of the amenities will be shared between the affordable and market rate units and retail on folsom street. >> so this is the tower design from skid, and merrill, they liked this design and an elegant looking tower, sleek and a residential feel to it. those are balconies that you
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see there on each of the sections. and as well, they had a great site plan with town houses, on cleminetna street, on the upper side of the block. and you can see a ground floor open space that actually is going to be publicly accessible that would connect follow so many to cleminetne street and there will be amenities for the residents on the ground floor also as well as podium level decks. >> could you point where the retail collecting on cleminetina is on there? >> could i point with this? >> retail is along here. >> okay. >> do you see that? >> yeah. >> this, yeah, that pointer works. so where bob is pointing that is the open space connection. >> i see. maybe you could see it if i do
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this. this is open space right here. >> and the town houses? >> thank you. >> they are right there. >> in the northwest corner of the parcel? >> that is an existing project residential project, a private development. >> with a bit of an irregular shape and there is plenty of room to put a 400 foot tower as well as the podium level buildings. here is just another view, this is looking east on folsom treat and you can see the tower and the buildings next to it and you get a good view of the try angular parcel that is next to it. you can see the retail on the ground floor and the tower on the right and one of the podium
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buildings on the left. and here is a close up of the entrance to that open space, again, it is publicly accessible open space and they can close it off at night but the hope is that during the daytime, all of the time it will be opened to the public and it will also be served on both sides by retail and so it will be an active piece of the folsom street boulevard that we are trying to build. next steps, we are preparing an ena, with the selected development team that will be considered by our commission, the commission on community and infrastructure, we will prepare the schematic design and a dda for consideration in the fall and that concludes the update. >> all right. thank you, mike and now i would like you all to give. >> i just have two quick questions. >> sure. >> one is the per unit cost
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compared to the previous building was a previous building a similar mix of affordbility and bedroom sizes? i mean, is that a good apples to apples? >> yeah, it is a good question. the affordbility was similar, will you more importantly, the prices don't reflect the affordable housing and that was sort of an extra, right? the price that i am giving you is just the price for the market rate units. in both cases the developer has to foot the cost of the units and it is a similar percentage and so they are comparable. although this one is a taller tower with the units within the tower and the other one has the units in the separate building but they are come parable and just in terms of the market rate units you can see that the projections are higher then they were when they got the last proposal and that is the reason for the higher price. >> how does that higher price compare to what we have budgeted in terms for the revenue project. >> it is close, almost exactly
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what we had in the projections that the concrete roof did. >> right. >> so that is good news. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> could you remind me, mike, block six and seven is that rentals as well or is that home ownership? >> that is ren at renters as well. >> i also appreciate the two and three bedroom units. i was asking about the rental because i know that the home ownership is challenging and so it is good to see all that have together. >> thank you. >> and now we have steve, the construction update. >> good morning, directors, steve rule with turner construction, and construction management oversight. we had another good month of progress out in the field. as soon as the presentation comes up. there it is.
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the estimation of 63 percent complete over all. the web core needs to be come mended and there has not been a single recordable injury since last year which is great considering the price and scope of this project. brace and installation moves along getting to the final levels in zone two, zone one was completed last month and zone three was down to the third level and the bse contractor, has done another mud slab pour in zone one and will continue to work west to east to turn that over to the contractor who starts the structural slab. >> some of the other items, the water line continues to be progressing from west to east, along mission street and more progress was made there, we are actually starting to repave and cover up and take the plates and put the street back
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together. and micropile, work continues. and it is actually now just over 400 completed micropiles since we put the report together with the work last week. and over 200 have been poll tested to the 200 percent of the strength and none have failed so far. >> preparations are continuing for the beal street bridge and in fact they completed the last bridge that needed to be done and that drill machine has actually moved into zone four to prepare for the construction tresle that will be going in there shortly. >> coming up in the next couple of months, by completing zone two, excavation by the end of march, and the slab progressing from zone one to two, the geothermal work will now begin underneath the mud slab in zone one, they are in that area where it sits underneath the footprint of the building now, and so you will be putting in the geo thermal and the grounding has been going in. and in zone one, water proofing
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under the below grade contractor shimic will start this month, probably in the middle of april. so we are already partway through march. the mud slab should be completed in zone one by the end of the next three months. and excavation should be going quite strong in zone four here shortly. take a look at a couple of other charts and stuff, here is the regular time line and we also added a milestone time line but below grade work is under way, the package, the concrete package is under way, the super structure, there will be some discussion about that i am sure later. the next slide, we have added to give you in feel for some key milestone dates and we will keep updating this and bring this up to you in the future presentations but this compares the basic web line that they started in the key activities
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compared to the february schedule update. again the october 17, end date, and final completion following that. with this current... >> the current float means the amount of float that is actually in that actual activity. the float being the time that is simply the time that activity could move in the schedule before it impacts or hits the critical path. so, those activities with zero float are on the critical path and those activity haves float in them can move if we sort of restructure the logic without disrupting the final end date. >> some of the key things on there is completing the excavation and still on track for early next year on that. and the bus ramp connecting to the transit center in may of 2016, gives access to that bus level for fin ishing and everything. >> so we will keep to update this list as we do the future
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presentations. as far as the bse time line, the final bridge will go in the first weekend in april and they are progressing towards that and actually start putting together the temporary bridge on site for moving it into place on april 56, 7. and like i said before, the excavation is progressing along and is over 60 percent complete now. give you an idea of the site map. we have removed the square in zone four and excavation started underneath freemont street and prepared for where the trussle bridge will be built in zone four. this is the map and gives you an idea of how long it is. the dark color in the west end is the finished level. i understand that they have put in the final level of bracing in zone two, that is from about shaw alley to first street and so they are just about down to
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finish grade in zone two. we have actually cut back on the night work because the contractor is caught up with their excavation. so for the next little while, at least we will not be trucking at night and there will be a few light shift to move equipment around and things like that. but with the buttress down they don't feel that they need the late midnight shift that we were having trouble with. that should knock back some of the noise issues for a while. >> just the progress from the central and west sections of the project, it is hard really to tell the progress there, but if you look hard, you will see that it is sort of darker and deeper. there in zone three, that middle zone, they have made a lot of progress in that middle area. these are the micropiles and starting to catch up again as i told you last time, the difference is between the target line and the actual is based on the late start we got
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but now they are moving along quickly and don't appear to be holding up the pro-agreesing of the mud slab work in zone one. >> just the shots in underneath, there are the micropiles in the zone one area zone two bracing and excavation. i think that was the oinl rain that we got, and it is not slowing down and he could use a little bit more. zone bracing and zone three progress, there is a significant amount where all that you saw was the buttress equipment and all is gone now,
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when this picture was taken last friday, the remainder of the waste water, tanks there in the lower right-hand corner are all gone, so the backhoe folks. and the drill company are pretty much off the site. just if you are looking from the east end back towards the west and the work on beal street in preparation for the bridge in zone four there it gives you an idea of how much is under the streets of san francisco and trying to fit that water line in and it is taking a little bit longer than they originally planned but nothing that will not detract from the over all project. 686,000 craft hours of which 433 are local hours, so still holding at other 63 percent of the workforce from the general bay area. broken down in these counties. san francisco still pulling
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about 20 percent of the workforce. >> they are interested in management of traffic and an areas of major development like ours. so we invited the department of planning as well as the successor with the redevelopment and we gave them a briefing on the transit center district plan as well as the redevelopment area and so that is encouraging to see that much interest and the tours are very informative and productive. >> that concludes my report.
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thank you. >> thank you. >> okay that leads us to item 6, public comment, which an opportunity for the members of the public to address you on items that are not on the calendar. i and have not received. >> if any members would like to speak please approach the mic. >> i'm jim patrick with patrick and company i requested several times to get a copy of this agreement with heinz. i had an e-mail from the general counsel who said that won't happen until such time that agreement is complete. i understand that the agreement is going to be complete and they are going to pay the check and do everything else, at the end of this month for the first of april. i would like to request a copy of the agreement effective the first of april. the notion that we have waited all of this time, i think is not good board policy. thank you. >> thank you, mr. patrick. are there any other members
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that would like to comment in >> seeing none, we will now close public comment. >> okay. and at this time you are schedule to go into closed session and i have not received an indication from the public to speak on the items listed. they have the opportunity to do now otherwise we could go ahead and clear the room. >> thank you so we will convene into closed session and we do need to take a motion to do that. >> so moved. >> second. >> and i think that we can do that without opposition. while we normally hold it at the end of the meeting, we are doing this time in the middle. so i know this say bit of an inconvenience to step out excu are reconvening back into our regular meeting. then we have an announcement of our closed session items. as to item number 9, conference
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with legal counsel, existing litigation under government code 54957 b and 54975.6 and the tjpa board of directors there is no items to be report. and 54957 b and,. the board did designated jane kim. >> and at this time, could we go to item number 12. >> authorizing the executive director to execute israel paout resolution, advisor, in order to implement the dra procedure referred to in the revised claim procedure set forth in the contract with the cm/gc for all... >> if you have any directors we have mike mckenan, and brian dikes. >> motion to approve this agreement?
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>> second. >> okay. >> so we do have a motion and a second. and no questions or comments from the board in >> seeing, none let's take roll call. >> no members of the public. >> lloyd. >> aye. >> metcalf. naye. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> ortiz. >> aye. >> kim aye as well. >> that is 12 ayes. and item is amoved. and we will move on to the next item. >> approving the minutes of the february 14, 2013, meeting and no members of the public have indicated that they want to address you on this item. >> go ahead. >> so we have a motion from director lloyd, to approve and a second, the first and the second, director lloyd. >> aye. >> metcalf? >> aye. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> ortiz. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> that is five ayes and the minutes ar proved. >> thank you, >> at this time, we will move
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on to item 14, which is a continuation of the presentation of the proposed revision to the phase one base line budget for the transbay, this is continuation from last month, where we actually just ran of time and not able to complete this item and just no a note of information, we did have another item last month agenda that was on the dtx presentation. and high speed rail electrification and that is continued to april. >> bob will present on this item and members of the team. we listened carefully on the questions that you had on the subjects of the agenda that we got through and today we are going to answer the questions and finish what we were not able to get through and going to give you some information as you know at the last board meeting we did not yet have the information on the structural
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steel bid and that has come in. so we are going to give you information on that and finally, we are going to let the board know what we will be recommending at the march 25th board meeting in light of the new information that we received, which we will report on in a moment, bob? >> thank you. >> members of the board. so, to, pick up where we left off, last month, we are going to go through an update of the budget, the factors that are influencing costs at this time, and a preliminary recommendations for an adjustment in the budget. so, i will touch briefly on the february 14th, presentation, invite, denise signs of urs who assisted us in the preparation of the rba to come up and speak to that process in a little bit more depth than we covered last month. and then, move on to the recommended adjustments and our funding strategies.
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from our meeting last month, this was our agenda, as weed put it up and made it through two-thirds of that before getting to the conclusions of the recommendations of adjusting the budget. and as a reminder our current budget adopted in may of 2010, is 1.598 billion and you see the categories of costs and expenses. and summaryized here. >> in working through the process and design to this point, in adopting the original phase of the current phase one budget and accepting the ura grand, we realized that $100 million in savings by switching from the top down, to bottom up
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instruction approach, but also to stay within the budget to date, as we have incorporated additional design features and the park and scope, not originally proposed in the park, in the project, we have accomplished more than 100 million, in value engineering and deductive alternates that have been incorporated into the documents. the remaining scope of construction provides limited additional opportunities for value engineering and significance co-productions. and the increasing activity in the construction market is also creating cost pressure that makes additional reductions in the scope and cost going forward limited. just to illustrate that point, our estimate for the balance of construction is roughly $500
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million. but, almost a third of that is in the super structure, steel and concrete, that we are bidding right now and that the balance is spread, across a number of cost categories. but the ability to make significant costs or significant changes in the design of those system to reduce the cost is limited, the one area that we will be talking about today, that clark is here to speak to is a proposal to revise the awning system design and switching that from a glass to a metal material which does have the potential for us to reduce the cost of that system by $17 and a half million in total including both direct costs and risk and vunerbility assessment related costs.
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on the rva, last month, you heard from bob ducabela. he is with the bbs security. he is the d, in dvs. and he has an extensive experience in the security industry, and has been responsible for protective design solutions at the world trade center site and the pen station, and the monahan station and washington's union station, and the amtrak and the command and control center and the portable in new york and the airport and the un and work with the nypd counter terrorism division and new york protective design standards. also, and dvs, in the role of our design and of the rva update ha


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